MPC Ctrl is another MPC-HC remote control app for Android.
It is free and contains no ads.

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MPC Configuration



(Make sure MPC-HC is allowed through your firewall!)

Select "View" >> "Options", then select "Web Interface".

Check the box labeled "Listen on port".

Un-Check the box labeled "Enable compression".

Restart MPC-HC

That's it!


"Why am I unable to connect?"
If you are certain that your media server and your phone are connected to the same router, then there are a couple possibilities:
  • Web Interface isn't enabled (See above).
    You will need to restart MPC-HC after you enable the web interface.
    You can also verify that the web interface is available through your web browser:

  • "Enable compression" is checked.
    With some versions of MPC-HC, enabling compression can cause you to be unable to connect.
  • You need to let MPC-HC through your firewall program.
"What's the deal with the Save Location feature?"
The MPC-HC Web Interface provides a text based file-browser available through your web browser.
When MPC is running with web interface enabled, you can see this here:

You can browse any drive on your host PC through this browser. But there's no access to the list of shares on your LAN. Even if you browse to http://localhost:13579/browser.html?path=\\COMPUTERNAME, it doesn't list the shares that are on "\\COMPUTERNAME".

But, I noticed that if you did http://localhost:13579/browser.html?path=\\COMPUTERNAME\SHARENAME, the list of shared files in that folder would show up.

That is why I added the "Save Location" feature. Not so much for shortcuts to locations on your host PC (although that is sometimes helpful still), but so you can add your network shares. If you have a lot of hard drives spread over multiple machines, this will be very helpful to you.

In the app, while in the file browser, you can use the menu key to save the current location or add a new location.
"Why didn't you just have a custom seek length from the start?
What are you... stupid, or something?"
Well, the MPC-HC Web Interface actually only provides presets for 2s, 5s, and 20s.

So it took a bit, had to do some *ghasp* ... MATH to figure out how to calculate the new position with the custom seek length. It actually wasn't that hard I just didn't see it from the beginning.

But then I started to watch "Six Feet Under". It has one of the coolest intros/theme songs. But damn, it's long. After about 5 episodes it was time to skip it. But I had to hit the button 6 times. Now I don't. TAKE THAT!
"You do know that there are already MPC remote apps, right?"
Yeah. But mine's blue!
( ... and has audio track delay, pan & scan controls, custom seek length, and network shares)

They each have their strengths and weaknesses, and it would be hard to say which is "best".
But isn't that the beauty of the Android Market? Try 'em all, choose what works best for you.
"Are ya goona add pause on incoming call?"
Yes. v1.6 has it! Update!


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Tested Resolutions and Densities

(Android v1.6 and up.)

- WXGA (1280x800) (xLarge - MDPI)
- WVGA854 (480x854) (Large - MDPI)
- WVGA800 (480x800) (Large - MDPI)
- WVGA800 (480x800) (Normal - HDPI)
- HVGA (320x480) (Normal - MDPI)